Facebook Messenger Hits the 700 Million User Mark

Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger

Last year, Facebook did what was then unforgivable: it forced everyone using its mobile apps to download Messenger if they still needed to communicate with their friends and family. While the move was unpopular, we as users had to get along since we had very few options and Facebook chat is part and parcel of our lives. In the end, as the numbers prove, Facebook had its way.

A few days after breaking the 1 billion download mark on Android’s Google Play Store, Facebook has announced that its Messenger application now has 700 million monthly active users. This is an increase from the 600 million MAUs that Messenger had at the start of the year.

Messenger is a big part of Facebook’s plans to be the centre of communication in the world. The main Facebook application is already an upcoming home of the future of news publishing and photo service Instagram is as popular as ever with no signs of slowing down. Facebook’s other property, Whatsapp, is also doing well as it has over 800 million MAUs. Facebook Messenger is no longer just an application for chatting with friends, family and random internet strangers. It is now a platform. Users can do video chats, send each other money and starting this week, play games as well.