Wife of Israeli Interior Minister Posts Racist Tweet About Obama

Judy Mozes

It seems people don’t know how a single tweet can cause bad publicity, but in another case of careless use of social media, Judy Mozes, the wife of Silvan Shalom (Israel’s Interior Minister) tweeted a racist joke against President Obama which led to an outrage on Twitter.

The tweet has since been deleted, and supposedly it was in Hebrew. It was brought to light by a certain Twitter user:

A screenshot of the racist tweet was captured in a CNN post 150621143824-mozes-obama-tweet-exlarge-169

Judy Mozes then issued an apology:

Funny enough she tweeted this in her “defence” which it seems like it was some sort of revenge about a joke she heard

She further apologized about her actions:

Her actions are coming at a time where the US-Israel relationship is strained thanks to political reasons between the two countries. As it is usual with social media shaming, I won’t be surprised if her husband divorces her due to the negative publicity she generated.