Apple’s Share of MEA Tablet Market Plummets in Latest IDC Figures

first generation iPad

Apple iPad The tablet market has been experiencing a downward trend in recent days. From the big brands like Apple’s iPad to generic no-name dirt cheap slates running Android, it has all been the same globally. It is not any different in the Middle East and Africa region where the tablet market suffered its first decline in years. Tablet shipments to the region declined by 5.8% to 3.83 million units  year over year for the first time in Q1 2015.

Top on the list of the biggest losers was Apple’s iPad whose popularity slumped by 43% to register only 430,000 units. That was 90,000 units lower than Chinese device maker Lenovo who managed to increase its shipments by 96% to beat the dominant American company to second place. While fewer Samsung tablets were shipped in the same period, the Korean company’s 920,000 units were just enough to ensure its continued stay at the top of the charts. Huawei’s 240,000 tablets units shipped in Q1 this year helped it become the fastest growing major vendor in the region.

While Q1 registered a decline, IDC forecasts that overall tablet shipments to the region will see positive growth this year with tablet shipments increasing by 5.8% year on year to total 17.66 million units.