This is What Pay-week Looks Like in GIFs


I absolutely love GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format images). GIFs are what videos look like when they haven’t had breakfast, but they are OK the way they are. We have to thank Steve Wilhite for coming up with them in 1987 and since then, they have not lost their aura. They are so cool, i’m sure it inspired J.K Rowling to come up with the dynamic images in the fictional Daily Prophet from the Harry Potter series.

It is pay week for many middle class employees all over the world and I decided to combine a set of GIFs that describe that moment:

Starts with you dreaming how will make it rain after being paid.


You wake up with a huge smile on your face, where you realize your insolvency will be over (for a short while). You’ll be like:

waking up

You go straight to the ATM and realize your salary checked in and you’re like:


Your fellow work colleagues have been paid too (obviously) and you decide to celebrate payday in the office like:

30 rock

Before lunchtime, you feel like: “I should..


Lunchtime: You go to a cafeteria and ask for a not so normal sandwich.


It’s a Friday, you meet your friend and count your cash to be spent on the weekend like:

with friend

Or if you are the proud type, you say bye to your work colleagues and proceed to the weekend like.

you don't exist

Its the weekend and you & your friend(s) will go to every store like:

Accept cash

And when someone dares to ask if you can “afford that” you’ll be like:

tumblr_inline_mq4ztuYs6I1qz4rgp (1)

Monday: Suddenly you are insolvent. You probably went overboard, thanks to a spending spree. There is only enough for necessities and you’ll be like:

later in the month

Or worse


Happy pay week people!