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How to Make a GIF Background for Your New Chrome Tab

There's a lot of customization that you can do on Google's Chrome Browser. The Chrome web store hosts a lot of extensions and themes...
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Twitter Rolls Out Attaching GIFs, Videos or Photos to Quote Retweets

Twitter's retweeting system has always been a mess but we have two ways to retweet: A plain simple retweet and the quote retweet where...
how to create gifs via giphy

How To Easily Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

Creating gifs nowadays is easy

WhatsApp Integrates Giphy Search And Raises The Limit To Share Media

Whatsapp is continuing with its quest to make sure you send GIFs to your contacts

WhatsApp for Android Beta Now Has GIF Support

WhatsApp for Android beta officially supports GIFs, a feature that was discovered in the changelog 4 months ago
telegram's new photo editor

Telegram Has A New Photo Editor And Also Allows You To Create Your Own GIFs

Telegram rolled out a new photo editor that reminds you of Snapchat's influence and a new GIF maker

Twitter Quietly Bumps Up its GIF Size Limit

Twitter introduced GIF support way back in 2014 and it gave us another way to express ourselves using a format that has been use...

WhatsApp Changelog Reveals GIF Support, Temporary Group Participants and Video Calling

WhatsApp made chatting with your friends a viable option from the traditional SMS platform and that is why it has been able to gain...
Twitter GIF

Twitter officially introduced the GIF button

GIFs have become an integral part of major social networks and due to their "lifelike" nature, they are quite popular. We can credit Tumblr...
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You may see a GIF button on Twitter soon

Twitter is known for testing new features to random users and they always find people offguard all the time. There was the like button...

Tinder for iOS has been given a huge update

GIFs are one of the best ways to show an expression that will normally have little impact with a static image. This is why...
pornhub wants to buy tumblr

Tumblr makes it easy to make GIFs from videos and photos from your gallery

Tumblr made GIFs cool (This is debatable) and we cannot deny that image format is one of the core things that make it cool....

Twitter’s Scratch Reels are just cool GIFs

The humble GIF has been with us for the last 28 years and was made cool later on by Tumblr and sites like Giphy....

This is What Pay-week Looks Like in GIFs

I absolutely love GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format images). GIFs are what videos look like when they haven't had breakfast, but they are OK the...

Facebook now allows users to post GIFs

Yes, it's happening! . Facebook will finally be letting its users to post GIFs. Till today, it was not possible for Facebook users to...
Mario Gotze

Your Popular Vine And GIFs of Premier League Goals Will Be Taken Down, Be Warned

Yes you heard that right. FIFA apparently does not like that you enjoy watching football enough to document it with Vines and GIFs. And...

Twitter now supports GIFs, sort of

Two years ago, Twitter removed the ability to have an animated GIF as your avatar. Not wholesomely but for those who have never changed...

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