Your Popular Vine And GIFs of Premier League Goals Will Be Taken Down, Be Warned

Mario Gotze

Mario GotzeYes you heard that right. FIFA apparently does not like that you enjoy watching football enough to document it with Vines and GIFs. And they are going to take them down as soon as they ind out. That includes Vines and GIFs of bites and dives. Started in the times of World Cup when interesting goals would be posted on twitter either as GIFs or Vines and FIFA alleges that these are copyright infringement cases.

FIFA previously went on an onslaught to remove the world cup goals shared on social media and the trend is moving on to the Premier League which is about to start.

Atleast that’s what comes out in an interview with Premier League Director, Dan Johnson claiming that it’s against the law.
“It’s a breach of copyright and we discourage fans from doing it, we’re developing technologies like GIF crawlers, Vine crawlers and working with Twitter to look to curtail this kind of activity”, said Dan.

You know these are big guys capable of spending big on Twitter advertising while at the same time bringing loads of traffic during game play, so should they start then we know who wins. The crawlers will be used to hunt for the popular vines and submit requests for automatic removal of shared content. No mention here that they will approach Vine for the same so things could be safe on the other side.

Source: BBC Newsbeat