House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 4: Best and Funniest Reactions

Betrayals, scandals, and drama


We are finally halfway through the season with last night’s fourth episode of House of the Dragon – King of the Narrow Sea. A lot happens in this episode – from Daemon returning from the stepstones. Viserys sets up Rhaenyra with lords lining up for her hand at Riverrun. No coincidence that The Bachelorette new season debuted the same week.

Daemon and Rhaenyra get spotted coupling “in the bowels of a pleasure den.” Otto Hightower reports this to the King and Viserys dismisses this rumor and accuses him of plotting against her daughter and the throne.

Alicent overhears this conversation and confronts her friend Rhaenyra who vehemently denies it. She believes her and convinces his husband that Rhaenyra is still a maiden. Her uncle does not discredit this accusation and even requests the King to wed her daughter to him. Viserys exiles Daemon to the Vale.

The King summons her daughter and orders her to wed Corlys Velaryon’s son, Laenor and she agrees. Rhaenyra also suggests that her father strip Otto of his role as his hand and he fires him.

“Your interests no longer align with those of the realm”

King Viserys

As the episode ends, Rhaenyra is given special tea ordered by her father to “rid you of any unwanted consequences” in readiness for her marriage as some medieval form of Plan B.

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Here are the best and funniest reactions: