Second of His Name, the third episode of House of the Dragon quickly picks up pace albeit thanks to time jumps. This episode takes place three years since the second episode. King Viserys already has a son, Aegon with Alicent Hightower, who is also pregnant.

As we had seen in the Rogue Prince episode, Lord Corlys and Daemon Targaryen have taken matters into their own hands in their bid to take Stepstones from the Crabfeeder, the Triarchy’s admiral. They’re losing and Viserys isn’t bothered to intervene.

The King is busy prepping for his son’s second birthday and they are on a royal hunt in Kingswood. For those who have watched Game of Thrones, this is the same forest where a boar mortally wounded King Robert Baratheon that set off the preceding events.

It’s an interesting episode and here are the best reactions:


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