Mario Gotze Goal: This Is Going To Be The Most Memorable Vine In A Long Time

Mario Gotze

Mario GotzeThe world cup is over! Along with that comes memories, fond ones for Germans and fans of their football like me, and not so fond ones for the rest of the football fans mostly Suarez, Messi and the Argentine goalkeeper. Oh! And the Brazil team. But this is not about them, it’s about the 6 seconds that made history.

It’s what the 22 year old Mario Gotze did at 7 mins to the end of the 3 minutes extra time that had become of the Germany – Argentina final at the World Cup. Before the game, football fans and non-fans alike had come to expect Germany to be the goal machine and were surprised when they saw this was not forthcoming. That’s why a moment by a 22 year old meant so much. Below is a vine of the moment where Mario Gotze scored a very beautiful goal for Germany that was the downfall of Argentina after a 116 minute struggle.

This video is headed to a million play loops as of writing this and is still going strong. With Vine I know a person is watching it a minimum of 10 times so it shouldn’t be long before it hits tens of millions of view loops. Enjoy..

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