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WhatsApp Launches Peer to Peer Payments in Brazil

Facebook has announced that it has rolled out digital payments to WhatsApp users in Brazil, which will start rolling out today. This is a very...
Angola Cables

Cable System Connecting Africa and America Gains New Ground in A Move to Create New Routes for Internet Traffic

Angola Cables, a global telecommunications company that has been in business since 2009, has announced the finalization of a marine survey for the South...

WhatsApp has been Blocked in Brazil for the Third Time in Under a Year

WhatsApp is a really popular chatting platform in Brazil but it is not that popular with the authorities as reports indicate it has been...

WhatsApp is back online in Brazil but Telegram was the big winner here

Whatsapp was banned early this week  in Brazil and it was the second reported case in under a year where the popular chatting network...

Brazil bans WhatsApp again but for a different reason this time

WhatsApp's influence is nothing to be scoffed at and that is why Facebook paid $19 billion for its relatively huge user base of a...

WhatsApp ban in Brazil lifted after backlash

Yesterday, a Brazilian court issued a temporary ban to WhatsApp   thanks to lobbying by telcos in the country. The criminal case was about how...

Telegram gains 1 million users after WhatsApp was banned in Brazil

Whatsapp is one of the most popular chatting platforms in the world with over 900 million active users in the last count but its...

Brazilian Racist’s Messages Posted on Neighbourhood Billboards

Cyberbullying is one of the biggest problems on social media and although there are several ways to counteract this, it still rears its ugly...
lideine liete whatsapp brazil

Brazilian Mayor accused of stealing public funds ran the town on Whatsapp

Lidiane Leite, a 25 year old mayor of a small town in Brazil called Bom Jardim is on the run after she was accused...
Apple Watch

Apple Watch Edition To Cost Up To $30,000 in Brazil

Apple's Watch started being delivered to customers on 24th April and since then everyone who had pre-ordered one has either received it or been...
Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft Could Venture Further Down With Lumia 435 Spotted In Brazil

If this comes true then my prediction last week was right, that Microsoft will very soon be dropping development of basic phones outside of...
Mario Gotze

Mario Gotze Goal: This Is Going To Be The Most Memorable Vine In A Long Time

The world cup is over! Along with that comes memories, fond ones for Germans and fans of their football like me, and not so...
Brazil plastic cup

12 Images That Capture The Story Of Brazil World Cup Thrashing By Germany

Brazil's was a record breaking beating at the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup by Germany. No-one saw that coming, and more people were...
Samsung tablets

Samsung’s World Cup Low as Factory Robbed of Electronics Worth $36 Million

Seven trucks full of Samsung eletronics made their way out of the Samsung factory in Brazilian city of Campinas, Sao Paulo. This is after...

World Cup refs to use smartwatches to get goal updates

2014 is almost synonymous with wearables. This is the year that has seen every company parade its wearables to the world and those that...

Here’s how to follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup on Social Media

The World Cup is upon us! Yes, when we simply say World Cup you know which one we mean. Not the Athletics World Cup...

Brazil moves to check NSA’s spying with new secure email

Many have been speaking out against the US government's intensive and well organized online spy program run by the NSA that looks into every...

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