Twitter Rolls Out Attaching GIFs, Videos or Photos to Quote Retweets

twitter copy paste

Twitter’s retweeting system has always been a mess but we have two ways to retweet: A plain simple retweet and the quote retweet where you get to add a comment or something.

The last one, the quote retweet, has always been fun to use where people add their comments to something. However, there are some instances where we wished we could attach a video or a JPEG or a GIF to it for the desired effect. Well, Twitter has given us that option today and it is glorious.

Today, Twitter has rolled out the ability to quote retweet a post with a GIF, photo or video which is pretty fun. They were quick to show out this new feature by attaching this famous GIF of a meme.

This gets meta fast where Twitter actually decided to announce this feature by quoting a tweet by a random person who wished about this feature early this year.

Twitter says that this feature will be available on iOS, Android and weirdly on from today. They didn’t say anything about the desktop which could mean we will get that later on.

This will take engagements on Twitter on a whole new level. Twitter is fun as it is with replying directly to a tweet with such options or even with regular text on quote retweets, but this will go to another level. Using media such as photos, GIFs and videos to show your reaction to a particular tweet will make it fun and probably that is the reason some of you are on Twitter.


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