Tumblr makes it easy to make GIFs from videos and photos from your gallery

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Tumblr made GIFs cool (This is debatable) and we cannot deny that image format is one of the core things that make it cool. The problem is that sometimes making GIFs “kinda sucks,” (that’s how Tumblr puts it) because you need to rely on third party apps or web based tools. Tumblr has decided to make this process easier for you by letting the app create the GIFs for you.

This works for videos and for any burst photos in your gallery, well since GIFs are essentially several pictures stitched together to make a motion picture. It is incredibly easy to make GIFs now as now you only need to create a new photo post, pick the burst photos or video and they are processed automatically into a GIF.

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They have added editing tools too where you can zoom it, make it rebound back and forth , crop it, slow it down, speed it up and make it loop like Vines. You can also create a bunch of GIFs and add them into a photoset, which is awesome if you want to have a post that requires several GIFs. Tumblr also advices to aim for shorter GIFs because they will look better and try the rebound button to make those GIFs smoother (They are sped up 1.5x)

When you are done making your GIFs, there is a hashtag #madewithtumblr that will let you see what other people have made with the new tool. Currently, the new feature is only available for the iOS app and will be rolled out to its Android counterpart later on although no timeline was given.

Source: Tumblr