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Opera Brings Free VPN to iOS, But We Still Can’t Recommend It

Opera, a known web browser that has been in existence for a very long time, is still being used by millions of people globally...
WhatsApp Emoji Message Reactions

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android to iPhone

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is bringing a much-needed feature imperative for people switching from Android to iOS. If you've made the change from Google to...

Cook: App Sideloading Undermines the Privacy of iPhones

According to Tim Cook, app sideloading could be more dangerous than hackers and third-party cookies when it comes to your privacy. Cook highlighted risks...

iMessage Reactions Will Show Up as Emojis on Google Messages

The chokehold that iMessage has on Apple users has made it harder for them to switch to Android devices. iMessage has really handy features...

iOS 15.4 To Support Face ID While Wearing a Mask

Apple is adding two necessary features in the latest iOS 15.4 beta build 1 and they are going to come in handy during the...

You’ll Soon Be Able to Move WhatsApp Chats From iOS to Android

WhatsApp has really stepped up in terms of the features they're working on this year. The popular chat app is now fixing one of...
iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5 Will Let You Set Spotify as Siri’s Default Music Service

iOS 14.5 is on the way and we are starting to get a wind of the new features expected with the new update. Users who...
Facebook ad tracking

Facebook Will Show Prompt to iOS Users to Ask For Tracking Permission

Facebook will start showing a prompt to iOS users soon which is designed to convince them to allow ad tracking. This is in preparation of...
iOS 14

Apple Offers Solutions to iOS 14 Battery Drain Issues

iOS 14 started seeding to iOS devices last month and as always, there were a number of issues with it. iPhone users complained of...
EU preinstalled apps

Smartphone Users will Remove Pre-installed Apps if new Law Sails Through

The European Union is preparing a draft legislation that will fundamentally change how we use smartphones.
Facebook Lite iOS

Facebook is Killing off Facebook Lite for iOS Due to Low Adoption

Facebook Lite, the company's slimmed down version based on the popular Snaptu app is being deactivated as per MacMagazine. The publication confirmed that the Facebook...

Popular iOS Apps Like Spotify and Pinterest Reported to Be Crashing Due to Facebook

Popular apps and services on iOS are currently broken according to widespread reports on social media. If you head over to Down Detector, you will...
covid-19 ios android exposure notifications

Google and Apple Silently Add COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

Google and Apple have added the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications option on both iOS and Android as a silent background update. Today, people have noticed these...
twitter voice notes twitter for ios

Twitter Adds Voice Notes on Twitter for iOS

Twitter has quietly added the ability to add voice memos on your tweets as spotted by a number of iOS users. https://twitter.com/witnessmatt_/status/1273292063640076288?s=20 https://twitter.com/flcnhvy/status/1273293242113679364?s=20 https://twitter.com/ntltcgraceffa/status/1273291610302943233?s=20 Accessing the new functionality...

Videoconferencing App Zoom Removes Code That Sent Data to Facebook

Zoom, the videoconferencing app, has seen an upsurge of use thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Millions of people around the world are using it...
apple will allow ads push notifications

Apple Will Allow Apps to Push Ads on Notifications

We are constantly bombarded by notifications daily and from different apps. The notifications range from your normal Twitter mentions to Facebook bothering you to...
whatsapp dark mode

WhatsApp For iOS Finally Gets Dark Mode on Beta App

Dark mode has been a selling point for operating systems and apps alike and for a good reason. We use these devices at night...

Android and Apple Are Getting New Emojis to Celebrate World Emoji Day

Today is World Emoji Day and to celebrate this day, both Android and Apple's iOS and macOS are sharing details on new emojis coming...
Chrome App

Google Now Lets You Auto-Delete Your Location History and Web Activity Data

This is huge!! For a company that relies on user data, Google letting you auto-delete your web activity and location history data is a...
iPhones left out iOS 13 upgrade cycle

Older iPhones Left Out in the iOS 13 Upgrade Cycle

Yesterday, Apple unveiled iOS 13 features at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). iOS 13 comes with new features and tweaks where the most notable...
Facebook App

Why Facebook App Updates Don’t Have a Changelog

Those with a keen eye have noticed that Facebook does not include any changelog to the numerous updates they push. This has been a...
Document Editing Apps

Best Document Editing Apps for Productivity on the Go

With the processing power that we carry in our pockets and bags in the name of smartphones, it is becoming necessary to put this...
Songa iOS

Counterfeiter Beats Safaricom to Launch Songa App on iOS

Safaricom went public with their music streaming app dubbed Songa back in February this year. At that time, the app was only made available...
Mobile Lenders

This is Why Your Android Phone Isn’t Scoring You Loans

The growth of mobile loans in the local market has seen tremendous leaps as new institutions dive into such businesses to reap the benefits...

iOS Apps with Camera Access Permission Can Spy On You

When it comes to security and privacy concerns, most of us think that only Android is vulnerable. In an ironical discovery, a Googler, Felix...

New Android Permission Shares With Apps Whether You’re Walking, Driving or Sitting

As much as we love Android, the Operating System is always giving us a reason to call it quits and move on to the...

How to Scan Documents Using Your Smartphone

Our smartphones have become very powerful gadgets, the computing power within them can achieve a lot if put to use in the right way....

AccuWeather iOS App Accused of Selling User’s Location Information

Will Strafach, a mobile app security analyzer, has shone some light on what could scare a lot of iPhone users, especially those who use...

Reasons Why Your Phone’s Performance Deteriorates Over Time

It is not a secret that your phone no longer feels as fast as it used to when you first got your hands on...
Motion Stills

You can Create and Share GIFs on Android with Google’s Motion Stills App

Apple’s iOS platform has enjoyed the services of a GIFs-maker app, Motion Stills for a year or so. The app, which is developed by...

Android Devices to Receive Google Play Protect for Better Security

Finally, Google Play Protect is rolling out to Android devices. Specifically, lucky users started receiving the security system on 19th July, which in turn...

Machine Learning Makes its Way to the Google App, Neat Features in Tow

The Cloud. Big Data. Machine Learning. Robots. Artificial Intelligence. These are terms that are currently common in the tech space and it is the future. Tech...

Twitter Unveils A Refreshed User Interface, Makes The iOS App Look Like Its Android Sibling

Twitter today has unveiled a refreshed design on their various assets (Twitter on the web, Twitter for Android and Twitter for iOS), which is...

WhatsApp Adds Photo Filters And Automatic Albums On iOS

WhatsApp adds automatic albums (yay!) and photo filters (better late than never)