WhatsApp Changelog Reveals GIF Support, Temporary Group Participants and Video Calling



WhatsApp made chatting with your friends a viable option from the traditional SMS platform and that is why it has been able to gain a billion active users. Other chatting networks were launched after it like Telegram and Facebook Messenger and the latter especially is nearing WhatsApp’s count.

However, WhatsApp still lacks some features we have enjoyed in other platform and one of them is GIF support. It is rather puzzling that this file format from the 80’s is not supported on WhatsApp and deters me from using it regularly since I’m a regular user.

It seems all that will change thanks to a changelog of a beta version of the iOS app posted on Pastebin. The iOS app version (ver. includes various bug fixes and improvements but the key news is that WhatsApp will support GIFs.

The GIF support is rather limited according to the changelog. You cannot import GIFs but if you post a link of a GIF image, you will be able to see the animated photo. Weirdly, the app will let you convert a GIF to a static image. Since this is a beta app for iOS, you will be able to interact with GIFs by using 3D touch gestures (peek and pop.)

Another interesting additions that involve WhatsApp groups include support for temporary group participants, see active group participants and joining a public group using a link. Also, there will be the ability to “collect stickers” and apparently “many improvements in video calls. Video calling is one feature we have seen reports of it being tested to limited users so it seems the company is working hard to make it better.

This is a promising changelog from the company and this means WhatsApp will only get better in the future.


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