WhatsApp Integrates Giphy Search And Raises The Limit To Share Media


WhatsApp has always been behind the pack in releasing certain features that have always been present in other social networks, but better late than ever. One of these features is GIF support which they have been implementing in various phases including turning videos to GIFs and the eventual rollout of GIF support.

Now the company has gone a step further in implementing GIF support on the app by integrating GIF search through Giphy. Giphy is one of the new GIF repositories that have gained prominence over the years and they have been used by the likes of Twitter.

On WhatsApp, it has been integrated in an interesting way. When you tap on the emoji button, it loads a new bar at the button where you tap on ‘GIF.’ It will load several GIFs after which you can choose the one of your liking. There is also a search button at the far left which you can use to look for the appropriate GIF(s).

That is not all. They have also extended the limit on sharing media with your contacts. On WhatsApp, you could only send 10 photos or videos at a go and if they were more than 10, it meant making several trips to send the media. Now the limit is 30 which is more than enough to send all those photos or videos you want to share to your friends and family.

This feature is currently on the beta version (2.17.6) which you can either get from APK Mirror or sign up for the Google Play Store beta (like me)