This Website Lets You Have “A Moment” Exclusively

Exclusive club

The internet is a vast place full of strange things. You get to stumble upon weird projects people do on their spare time. Well, there is this developer by the name jfols , who seemed like he was bored one day and decided to create this website that he named “The Most Exclusive Website” although spoiler alert there is nothing special about it really


And there it is. Boom, see my point exactly? There is no giveaway or an exclusive deal you get from the website, its just a basic website with certain features. Also, it’s not the best looking website at all, rather plain to be honest but its exclusivity nature is giving a visitor sixty seconds of being “alone” in the website.

The process is just like lining up to enter an exclusive place: You first of all enter your name and click on a blue tab to take a “virtual ticket” which has a unique number. The website then informs you how many people are ahead of you in the virtual queue to have an exclusive 60 seconds to yourself which diminish as you see via a clock countdown.


If you are keen enough after using the website,  you will notice bugs on the website, like the one where once you get the ticket, it forgets and you have to repeat the whole process again and the interface has these ugly looking continuous lines of what looks like 3s which clearly suggests hurried coding, because well its not a serious website.

Well, if you want to waste a bit of your free time, well click here to experience the “exclusivity” of the website. Notice the quotes.