This Could Be Me: How Kenyans Responded to Makodingo’s “Started from the bottom” Tweet


If you are a regular Twitter user, you’ve seen incidences like this  before. A certain person tweets or says something in real life that is controversial and when it goes viral, people make fun of it. Recently, Rachel Dolezal (A woman who became famous for her decision to become black yet she was born white) said in an interview that “she didn’t understand the question” when asked bluntly if she was African American. Her response generated the #AskRachel hashtag where people trolled her response by posting a question with obvious answers in multiple choice which instantly became a top trend at the time.

Well today, a similar case of expressing a controversial opinion, one Makodingo decided to post this tweet in the morning:

We don’t know what context the gent had in mind but it’s easy to assume that certain events have happened in life that changed the course in his life, and Makodingo felt that he could have been the one walking were it not for the events. He hasn’t bothered to explain his context since then and as it is usual with Kenyans on Twitter, they decided to make fun of it by tweeting their own versions:

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