Twitter’s Improved Audience Insights is all to woo Advertisers to its Platform

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On May, Twitter introduced Audience insights. A tool that helps advertisers understand the various audiences that are on Twitter. It is a dashboard that helps brands to learn about their followers and those who engage with their tweets so that the brand can tailor their campaign accordingly.

Now Twitter has made some enhancements to the audience insights dashboard where advertisers can get even more information about the audience they are trying to reach with their ad campaigns. These curated insights are powered by certain Twitter official partners (Datalogix and Acxiom) and of course data from Twitter which offer information about an audience interests, demographics or purchasing behavior.

Within the dashboard, an advertiser can click “view audience insights” to learn more about the audience. You can compare the metadata between your reached audience(those who view the ads) and engaged audience (those that are actively retweeting, favouriting and replying to the ads). There is also a “conversion tracker” that gives information about users who converted in the past. This is crucial so as to identify ways to connect with people who are most likely to convert.


Advertisers can also access other crucial insights about people from the tailored audiences they created like the number of people who visit the official website or if you registered your app, how many installed, purchased or signed up.


Also, Twitter introduced “Twitter personas” which is a list of audience groups on Twitter which advertisers can use to learn about them so as to generate an ad campaign that suits them with just one click. There is also an option to add other variables so as to help the brand further refine the audience they are targeting


Twitter says that this strategy of giving insights on the platform has helped brands understand better the people they’re targeting. This whole process of obtaining information about Twitter users behind the scenes raises the issue of privacy. Twitter points out that the aggregated information that makes up the audience insights is derived from Twitter’s own data sources and matched with the official partners which they say keeps user information private.

According to the company, these tools are now available worldwide to all advertisers. However, Twitter personas are currently only available in the United States although there are plans to roll out the service to other countries.