Google Testing “Purchases on Google” Buy Button

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purchases on GoogleGoogle is currently testing a new feature that allows consumers to purchase products by clicking through ads. The product unveiled Wednesday is called “Purchases on Google” and is targeted at mobile search words. The buy button is under testing with a few retailers and uses saved payment credentials in the user’s Google Account for transactions. Google also plans to alert smartphone users to information such as sales as well as loyalty programs near their location using Google Now. Google also plans to expand into offering product ratings in these ads as well as offer users more data on inventory near their location.

Google has also been launching a service that allows users to order food directly from search results. The service which has launched in Cities in the United States with plans to launch elsewhere lets the user search for a nearby restaurant. The user is then able to select “Place an order” tab without necessarily going to the website of the restaurant. By adding the ordering option, Google redirects users to its main search site, and is able to see what kind of food they order and from which restaurants in addition, to their preferred mode of delivery. This offers important data crucial for Google in selling ads.

Google has also allowed its users to chance to shop from the ads posted on YouTube videos. Through AdWords integration, Google gives merchants a chance to take advantage of its several seconds long video ads on YouTube to not just showcase their products but also allow customers to make purchases directly by taking them to that particular brand or retailer’s purchase page.When a user skips an ad, the feature allows them to view the product information, images and ultimately allow them to buy goods.

In bringing the new solution, Google plans to make it easier to shop from apps instead of directing users to the websites of the retailers. Some of the partner’s involved in the test include e-Bay and Flipkart, an Indian e-Commerce firm.

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img credit: TechCrunch