Google to allow users to buy items from YouTube video ads


YouTube TrueView ads

Just recently, Google introduced a buy button on its search results allowing users to order food stuffs they search for using its popular search tool directly without having to navigate away. Google is looking to replicate that experience across its other web properties like YouTube.

Google doesn’t like all that time wasted when users view a particular product on YouTube then go hit Search to find out where to purchase the same product. Using AdWords integration, Google is giving merchants a chance to take advantage of its several seconds long video ads on YouTube to not just showcase their products but also allow customers to make purchases directly by taking them to that particular brand or retailer’s purchase page. Part of TrueView, a name we’ve heard a lot with regards to YouTube video ads since 2010 when Google finally let users skip them on mobile, the new feature will allow users to view product information and images and ultimately allow them to buy the item(s).

Google says that the experience on both mobile and desktop should be above par since mobile devices account for over half of the total number of YouTube views.

TrueView shopping is still under testing and should be rolling out to more merchants and users in coming months.

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