Anyone Anywhere Can Now Sign Up for Messenger Without a Facebook Account

Facebook messenger

Facebook rolled out the ability to sign up for a Messenger account without requiring a Facebook account towards the end of last month. That was however limited to users in a few countries: the United States, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. It is now possible for everyone around the world to do the same.

The only requirement is one’s phone number.

Facebook Messenger

Setting up is a 2 minute process. A verification code is sent to the phone number you just entered and upon entering it you’re on your to messaging all your contacts with Messenger installed. In my case, the application was able to detect my Facebook account since I’ve already added my phone number to Facebook but still allowed me to proceed so it should not be an issue. The next step is to upload a profile image and then sync contacts and that’s all.

Since Facebook just recently opened up Messenger’s money-sending feature to every user in the US, is that the next feature the rest of the world should expect soon?