Nokia to Venture into Virtual Reality Space with New Product


Samsung Gear VR 312 - Techweez

The OnePlus 2 won’t be the only device being announced on July 28th. Nokia Technologies, the direct consumer-facing arm of Nokia that remained after the sale of Nokia’s mobile division to Microsoft, has an event slated for the same date. While invites to the event in Los Angeles went out a few days ago, the whole event was still shrouded in a bit of mystery.

Thanks to Re/code, we know a thing or two about the upcoming event. Nokia is not just setting its sights on smartphones and tablets but also the virtual reality space which is like the hottest thing right now with the who’s who of the tech world like Facebook, Samsung and Microsoft each position themselves for a share of the pie.

There are no details about the specific VR product that we expect to be announced but the 28th is just a week away and we’ll get to hear everything about it then.