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Peter Karimi

mCHEZA Bets On Technology to be the Next Big Thing in Online Gaming

Back in December 2015, Acumen Communications Limited started a gaming and betting platform known as mCHEZA. The platform came at a time when the...
Brian Afande and Mike Ilako of BlackRhino VR

This Kenyan Startup is Changing the African Narrative, One Virtual Reality Video at a Time

Kenyan Virtual Reality Startup BlackRhino VR has this bold vision to tell African Stories using the immersive style of VR.

Microsoft is Not in Such a Hurry to Update HoloLens – Reports

Microsoft is in this for better for worse and is thinking long-term.

Google Brings VR to the Web Through Chrome

VR is going mainstream thanks to Google.

Latest High-end Smartphones from Asus, Huawei and ZTE Gain Support for Google Daydream

The standard Huawei Mate 9 is not part of them.

Virtual Reality Startup Opto Launches “World’s First Mobile VR Headset with Integrated Sound” at GITEX

Opto wants to help make VR mainstream and used for other things other than gaming.

Pricing of Google’s Daydream Virtual Reality Headset Revealed Ahead of Launch

The deal is too good. We can't wait to hear more from Google.

Alcatel’s Standalone VR Headset is Powered by a Samsung Exynos Chip

We won't be surprised if this ships before the Idol 4 and 4S to most regions.

Samsung Gear VR Review

You'll be definitely blown away.

Samsung Gear VR May Get a Dedicated Controller

  The Samsung Gear VR, one of the few mobile virtual reality headsets in the market at the moment, may likely get something it has...

Google I/O 2016: All the Exciting Stuff Announced at the Keynote

So Google I/O 2016 happened last evening (East African time) and as expected, there was the usual basket full of goodies from El-Goog. In...
Virtual reality

Chinese Mobile Device Brand Cubot to Debut VR Headset

Cubot, a mobile device brand from China that you may have heard of recently thanks to their ultra-cheap Note S smartphone, is also keen on...

Google to Launch Virtual Reality Headset That is Better Than Cardboard

Google I/O 2016 is almost here. The annual developer conference that is usually headlined by a keynote on its opening day takes place next...

Samsung to Debut Virtual Reality Headset That Does Not Need Smartphone Pairing

Samsung has been exploring the idea of releasing a virtual reality headset that does not depend on a smartphone for a while and may...

9.6 Million Virtual Reality Units to be Shipped in 2016 – IDC

Virtual reality devices from a host of manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, Oculus and Sony are expected to help push the total number of VR...

First Hands on with HTC Vive, the Virtual Reality Headset Everyone Wants

During my visit to Hong Kong and China this week to attend the IFA Global Conference and the first edition of the Consumer Electronics...

Android N to Deeply Integrate Virtual Reality App Functionality

Android N, which we have heard may end up being Android 7.0 in its final form, will be the first version of the mobile...

Huawei Enters the Virtual Reality Space With a Mobile VR Headset

VR, short for virtual reality, is a term you ought to be very familiar with at the moment. This is because you are going...

Nokia to Venture into Virtual Reality Space with New Product

The OnePlus 2 won't be the only device being announced on July 28th. Nokia Technologies, the direct consumer-facing arm of Nokia that remained after...

Gear VR is Samsung’s first mobile virtual reality headset

You've probably heard about Virtual Reality for a while now. If I'm to explain it to you like a 5 year old then it...

Facebook’s Virtual Insanity, Taking Virtual Reality Beyond Gaming through $2 Billion Investment in Oculus VR

Facebook's investment into Instagram and WhatsApp was in an area where the company already has experience, messaging. Much as the company's interest in Oculus...

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