Chinese Mobile Device Brand Cubot to Debut VR Headset

Virtual reality
A test Dlodlo VR headset on display in Shenzhen, China
A test Dlodlo H ONE VR headset on display at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre in Shenzhen, China during the inaugural CE China

Cubot, a mobile device brand from China that you may have heard of recently thanks to their ultra-cheap Note S smartphone, is also keen on capturing a slice of the virtual reality market.

According to The Droid Review, Cubot has plans to introduce its VR gear sometime soon. There are no specific timelines on this or even further details. Just know that it is coming.


There is quite a number of brands that many may not have heard about before that are entering the virtual reality space. I met quite a number of startups in China recently during the inaugural CE China that had VR products that were either nearly ready for the market or already in the market. One of those, Dlodlo (read as doh-doh), is set to unveil a unique VR product, one that is just as good-looking as a pair of RayBan’s glasses and not the current bulky units that only geeks can love and admire, the V-One, which is 16mm thick and only weighs 78g.

Dlodlo confirmed during one of the IFA Global Conference’s Power Briefing sessions that the V-One would be officially unveiled later in the year in New York.

You may see VR headsets that look more like RayBan's glasses than what you have always known as VR soon thanks to some Chinese startups
You may see VR headsets that look more like RayBan’s glasses than what you have always known soon thanks to some Chinese startups

At the moment, most smartphone vendors have already made their virtual reality intent clear. Huawei is preparing to avail in the international market its first VR headset. Alcatel will soon start selling the Idol 4 and Idol 4S smartphones in various regions around the world. The two devices have a pair of VR goggles as the actual packaging. Samsung’s Gear VR has caught on with users with a million use instances being reported by Oculus. LG has the 360 VR headset in the market as an accessory of the LG G5 while another Chinese startup, LeEco (formerly LeTV) is making some inroads with its VR products.


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