Microsoft is Not in Such a Hurry to Update HoloLens – Reports

Long-term thinking at play


Are you in the market for a new mixed reality toy to play with and immerse yourself in both the virtual and the real world? For now, you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to that. Microsoft’s HoloLens, the clear market leader this early is available in a handful of countries. You may not have any more choices anytime soon and Microsoft knows that so well. Which is why it is taking its sweet time to come up with a successor to the first generation HoloLens.

According to, Microsoft will, in fact, be releasing a whole new HoloLens in about 2 years’ time instead of an initial incremental update for version 2 and a brand new one for the third generation.

After having missed out on the big mobile revolution, Microsoft has gone all in on what is considered the future of computing, mixed reality, by providing hardware like HoloLens and readying its software under the Windows 10 platform for the new computing age.

Whether making eager customers wait for another 2 years and assuming the competition won’t be able to one-up it in the process is a wise decision may be something we will not be able to conclude for another year. What we can’t doubt for now is that whatever it is that Microsoft will make us wait 2 years for must be really worth it.