Samsung Gear VR May Get a Dedicated Controller



The Samsung Gear VR, one of the few mobile virtual reality headsets in the market at the moment, may likely get something it has been conspicuously missing: a controller.

From my experience with the Gear VR, options to interact with the virtual world when wearing the headset are very limited. I am sure many users would also want to be able to get more out of it besides using the control buttons on the headset itself and relying heavily on the sensors for all the interactions with the virtual world. For instance, this would totally spur a whole new set of first person shooter games for the Gear VR.

According to a few leaked images, a controller for the VR headset may be on the way.

Samsung_Gear_VR_controller_2 Samsung_Gear_VR_controller

One of the advantages that tethered virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive over their mobile counterparts is peripheral devices like controllers. They make interactions with the virtual world possible and truly immersive.

It has been 3 years since Samsung last released a controller. Remember this?


Even though we don’t have any specific timelines, we hope this happens soon.

Via Sammobile