Is X-TIGI’s Budget Vision 6 Smartphone Going to be the Most Affordable VR-Capable Device in Kenya?



Virtual reality (VR) is exciting and all but what will be stopping many from getting a first-hand experience in the virtual world is the high barrier to entry. VR kits are damn expensive. Some that are considered “affordable” cost more than your typical entry-level smartphone. So if you’re a budget-minded person but still need to experience VR where do you go?

You could grab the Google Cardboard or one of the many similar creations that it has inspired online for between $15 and $30 tops and in effect make just about any device you have “VR-capable”. That is if you are in a position to order one online and have it delivered locally. We all know how that is so much of a hassle and the ghost that you are trying to avoid, added prohibitive costs, will stare right back at you if you attempt to go around it using the likes of Vitumob.

And even when you succeed to do so, getting anything VR-worthy on a sub $100 smartphone not made with such new high-power demands in mind is hard.

So now, what to do?

Probably hang in there and wait for the Vision 6, a new smartphone that Chinese brand X-TIGI will soon start selling in the Kenyan market.

Here’s what we know about the X-TIGI Vision so far spec-wise: a 6-inch HD display, 2GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, a 4,100mAh battery, 5 and 13-MP cameras on the front and back respectively and running on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

The device will go for Kshs 10,999 or, in other words, the price of the Samsung Gear VR.

We’ve previously heard from several other smartphone brands about plans to unveil budget VR-friendly devices complete with free accompanying VR kits. Infinix and Cubot are on record saying so but X-TIGI, for all we know at the moment, will likely be first. Well, it doesn’t look new kid on the block (in the Kenyan market, at least) Xiaomi is bringing that VR headset this side anytime soon anyway. And Alcatel, which is giving away free VR kits with every Idol 4 and 4S is focused at the mid-range segment of the market and hasn’t started selling them here either.

We’re keenly following this and will have everything we know about the Vision 6 soon.

UPDATE: The device will start selling in Kenya on Wednesday 10th August exclusively on Jumia for Kshs 10,999.


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