Gear VR is Samsung’s first mobile virtual reality headset



You’ve probably heard about Virtual Reality for a while now. If I’m to explain it to you like a 5 year old then it is simply the ability to immerse oneself in an artificial environment and interact with it. You’ve also probably heard about Oculus Rift, the VR headset by startup Oculus VR that has come to signify much of what is known about virtual reality in mainstream tech media today and was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion back in March. Like Oculus’ Rift headset, Samsung has its own too. Well, that’s one way of putting it since Oculus partnered with Samsung to make the Gear VR headset possible.

The Gear VR is christened ‘Innovator Edition’ by Samsung. This is because we’re yet to get to a point where VR headsets are set to go mainstream. Just like Google Glass (not VR) and the Rift, these kinds of devices are still meant for a select few who would love to test it. What makes the Gear VR special and stand out from the Oculus Rift however is its working mechanism. Unlike the Rift that requires a connection with your computer, a power source and an external camera for you to see the 3D effects when gaming, the Gear VR is strictly mobile. In fact there is a reason it was announced at the event where Samsung also showcased the gallant Galaxy Note 4. It will work with it!

Samsung Gear VR

There are partnerships with the likes of Marvel, IMAX, Vevo, DreamWorks and others to provide content suited for those who’ll grab the 199 Euro Gear VR. We’ll be hearing more about where it will be available in coming days.


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