Galaxy Note 5 Shows its Exterior in New Leaked Images


The Galaxy Note 5 may have showed up earlier disguised as a late stage prototype model but seeing the latest leaked images of the device from the same source that has been very consistent on the matter, we have no doubt that this is what we’re going to see come August 13th, the likely launch date (Samsung has already sent out invites for an Unpacked event on the same date and there’s little doubt what we’re going to see unveiled).

Here is the Galaxy Note 5 in all its glory:


The Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be launched on the 13th of Auguts alongside two other Samsung devices: the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the next generation Samsung Gear watch.

While the early launch of the device is not yet confirmed by Samsung, it is widely expected as a means of leap-frogging Apple whose upcoming iPhones don’t go on sale till some time in late September if they are unveiled early that month that is.



Update: This article has been updated to reflect the invites sent out by Samsung for an Unpacked event on the 13th


  1. I like this whole metal think by Samsung. Even though it’s ‘inspired’ from Apple, it also looks star hot on the S6 and now on the Note 5. Though I hope atleast expandable storage is brought back b’coz more ppl wait for the Note series than S series. 😉

    • The images we have here don’t show expandable storage. I’d be eager to see how Note people respond to lack of expandable storage and non-removable battery.

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