GES 2015 Tweets Visualized: Hits 350 Tweets Per Minute

Twitter GES 2015

Twitter GES 2015Twitter generates a lot of data, around 500 million tweets are sent per day. Twitter Reverb is a tool that helps produce a visualization of these tweets of a certain conversation of interest. It is a good way to get insights from a certain trending hashtag. Twitter Kenya came up an interactive infographic generated  from data obtained from the #GES2015Kenya hashtag. The hashtag was from the recently concluded sixth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit that was held in Nairobi on July 25th & 26th.

There are some key insights that can be inferred from the info-graphic:

  1.  The data was tracked between 12 noon on July 24th and 11:28pm on July 26th
  2. There was little activity during dead of the night where the rate was as low as 7 tweets per minute about the hashtag.
  3. On July 24th at around noon, the rate was quite low at 40 tweets per minute but it peaked at 11:27am on July 25th where 350 tweets per being sent per minute
  4. There was also a high spike on July 26th at 11:28pm where 300 tweets were tweeted per minute

The most retweeted posts from the #GES2015Kenya hashtag are:

5. The three noticeable spikes which are presented with animated colourful waveforms were due to several reasons: The first one peaked at 130 tweets per minute right about the time President Obama had arrived in the country, the second was during the start of the summit at Gigiri and the last was during the 2nd day of the conference.

Visualizations like this are a good way to get insights like the interest of a certain hashtag  against time quickly from a certain trending hashtag. Twitter also has the Interactive website where generated maps from trending hashtags can be viewed.

To view the interactive map generated from tweets around the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, click here