Twitter Hopes to Lure More New Users with Updated Homepage


Twitter has a big problem: it is a darling for long time users but new users find it hard to understand and as a result are less likely to use it after signing up for the first time. The company knows this and it is why it is releasing a new homepage that will try to urge on every newbie joining the social platform.

This is what will greet new users and everybody not signed in to Twitter:

Courtesy: Buzzfeed
Courtesy: Buzzfeed

According to Buzzfeed, Twitter confirmed it is rolling the new homepage worldwide so that potential new users can see popular tweets which are aimed at psychologically making the decision to sign up an easy one. Previously, the homepage used to show various curated categories that looked something like this:

Courtesy: The Next Web

If you compare the two homepage, the previous one is quite complicated to a new user. Are these pages? Do I have to be in one category? Who do I know on Twitter? These sort of questions put off a new user and may make him or her decide not to go ahead & create an account. And when they do, the engagement may not be as meaningful compared to if it was fronted as simple in the first place. However, the updated homepage shows trending tweets from famous people and this is geared to make people relate to them better and probably sign up to get updates from these people.


Photos: TNW