Next Generation Samsung Gear Smartwatch to Arrive in 3 Models

Guess who else offers 3 models of its smarwatch? The struggle to best Apple's efforts starts in earnest on August the 13th
Guess who else offers 3 models of its smartwatch? The struggle to best Apple’s efforts starts in earnest on August the 13th

We are just two days from Samsung’s Unpacked event where it is expected to unveil the next generation of its Gear line of smartwatches as well as make formal two devices that we’ve seen and heard everything there is to be seen and heard about: the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5. While all that we know about the next generation Gear watch has to do with its looks and functionality, we don’t know about the possible pricing model. Will the device codenamed Orbis (as of previous leaks) come in just a single model or will there be several?

The folks over at Sammobile have helped us get an answer to that question. The Gear A will come in three models: SM-R720, SM-R730, and SM-R732. According to the same source, the three devices are codenamed Orbis S1, Orbis S2 and Orbis Classic respectively.

There’s no conclusive information available to hint at exactly what the three different model numbers mean so all we can do at the moment is speculate. While these models could simply be region-specific, there’s strong belief that Samsung could be just going the Apple route of targeting various segments of the market with a watch that they can afford.

Apple offers the stainless steel-made Watch, the basic/entry level anodized Aluminium Sport and the pricey/super high end 18-karat gold encrusted Watch Edition. This could be what Samsung is aiming at with the smartwatch codenamed Orbis Classic probably being the super premium of the trio that is meant to compete at the same level as Apple’s finest as well as what the traditional Swiss watchmakers have to offer. Or may be not. We have a little over 48 hours to get a clear idea of what it is the Koreans have been up to over the last one year or so since their last Gear release.

You can check out expected specifications of Samsung’s upcoming Gear smartwatch here.