Lastpass is Finally Free on Mobile but There is a Catch



Lastpass claims to be the world’s most widely used password manager and we have no real reason to downplay their claim so they can have their cake. Even then, it is quite a hassle to use it for mobile users (which is like everyone anyway). This is because the freemium model it adopted meant that it was free to use on desktop browsers but only paying users could still access Lastpass on their smartphones and tablets. That is changing as the company switches its freemium pricing model.

Informed by the dominance of mobile devices over traditional desktop computing devices like the PC, Lastpass users will now be able to access their passwords, generate new complicated ones and easily fill in web forms on their mobile devices as well without having to pay. But there is a catch. You can only choose between one device: either your desktop browser or access on mobile. You can’t have both. Not unless you’re still willing to part with the $12 annual subscription fee. For users of iDevices with TouchID, you’ll need a premium account in order to use the integration with the fingerprint sensor on your devices.