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Your Password Manager Is Vulnerable. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Panicking

Most popular password managers are flawed. This is according to a new report published yesterday that found people who used password managers are vulnerable...
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Security Checklist for Your Android Smartphone

Is your Android phone secure? This checklist will help you make sure that your device’s security in top shape and keep off malware. How well...

Privacy Apps You Should Download Right Now

Privacy apps will become essential to you as 2019 approaches especially since multiple data privacy scandals rocked 2018. This year has experienced high profile...

One No Longer Needs a Premium Subscription to Use LastPass on Multiple Devices

In a bid to court more users, popular password manager app LastPass will no longer require its users to be subscribers of its Premium...

Lastpass is Finally Free on Mobile but There is a Catch

Lastpass claims to be the world's most widely used password manager and we have no real reason to downplay their claim so they can...
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My Favourite Android Applications [Part 2]

The first part of this article can be found here. 7. AlarmPad Pro I never thought I would spend money on an alarm clock application until...

You Should Be Changing Your Lastpass Master Password Right Now

Those things that we were excited about after watching the pilot of new television show Mr Robot? They're real. What happens to you when the...