Evernote Premium Users are Capped at 10 GB, No More “Unlimited” Storage



It is not just mobile carriers who have a problem letting their users (some, not all) understand what exactly the “unlimited” services they flaunt everywhere mean. Evernote cites a radical change in user behaviour after it started providing users of its Premium subscription tier access to endless storage for their notes, business cards, clippings and just about everything it allows them to backup on its servers at a fee of $6 per month (or $50 per yer).

Thanks to such, Evernote is going back on its promise to provide unlimited storage to its Premium subscribers. It will instead be offering Evernote Premium subscribers just 10 GB every month for all their scribbling and other needs. Evernote claims in a blog post that the new storage option is more than enough for all its users (99.999%). This means that it’s just a few users who were probably taking full advantage of the unlimited storage and uploading just about everything they could lay their hands on. We’ve seen this before. In Kenya, Safaricom cited misuse by a small subset of users as the reason why it was pulling its unlimited internet offering.

Unfortunately, “unlimited” is such a powerful term that it ended up being both confusing and problematic. Almost instantly, people began using Evernote in a completely new way: mass file storage and backup.

So what if over time you end up exhausting your allocated 10 GB? Evernote claims that it will still have your back.

Over time, we expect that file sizes will continue to increase and, as they do, we’ll keep improving the service and increasing limits so that Premium users can continue to use Evernote without worry.

If you are an Evernote Premium subscriber and are about to start screaming over this then please don’t. Evernote is willing to refund anyone who believes they will be getting a raw deal after the revision of the storage options on offer.


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