Safaricom discontinues Unlimited Internet Offing

Safaricom Unlimited data ends

Safaricom Unlimited data endsThis is an announcement just made by Safaricom earlier this morning. From today midnight you wont be able to access the Safaricom unlimited data service introduced almost a year ago. This will be the case for those who wont have renewed by that time. If you wanna cling to it for as long as it lasts, you can renew your unlimited data anytime from now till then, and you will get full service till the kill button comes to life. This leaves Safaricom subscribers both on handsets and modems with the option of either timed browsing, daily limited bundles or the packaged data bundles.

This decision came after a consumer trends analysis where Safaricom cited overuse of the service by a few users who would stretch the service to the limit, leaving the rest of the users to share a limited service, the remainders. Safaricom, faced with this situation felt it better to get off the unlimited service altogether than give one that is substandard. It makes perfect business sense where profits are limited. Some two weeks ago, Bob Collymore had announced that they had resorted to throttling the unlimited internet package, with a thought on completely killing the service, well the day has finally arrived.

“As a business, we have found it necessary to focus our energies on providing quality data access to the majority of our internet users. This means that we have to sacrifice the provision of our unlimited bandwidth to a minority whose usage has had a negative impact on the overall data experience.” Mr. Collymore also noted that, “It has always been our position that unlimited internet offerings are better suited for a fixed broadband services such as fibre or Wimax. Since mobile broadband on 3G is designed as a shared resource, the greater the number of internet users at any point in time, the higher the levels of degradation in the quality of service.”

Meanwhile, am writing my opinion on this news in a post coming next.



    • If you purchase the bundles anytime before midnignt you will get the full service, even those who will buy them later today, they can still get the unlimited for the time they have purchased, so if you are already on an unlimited package you are covered.

  1. First it was the increment  of call rates by a ‘bob’…now its removal of my favorite internet bundle! What’s next, Safaricom?

  2. This is Bullrashit! I am one of the  minority whose usage has had a negative impact on the overall data experience. Safaricom should up their services.  I am off to 
     Airtel’s 3.75G network, faster and cheaper. Upgrade idiots. You’ve always taken us for a ride! 🙂

  3. Couldn’t they just come up with a way to ensure equitable distribution of network resources, yes the service was getting crappy and it is not what many expected but they could’ve done something instead of ending it altogether. So many small businesses that cannot afford the business package relied on this. The same applies to users using data guzzling high end smartphones.

  4. Kenyans are to BLAME!! You worship SAFARICOM as if it’s a god. You have been decieved  to believe that safricom is  Kenya so you should support it…oh please, a british company and your government owns it. When wa the last time your goverment gave a damn about you? If kenyas stop the addiction they have with safaricom, it would allow competition leading to quality lower prices for services. But as long as kenyans a re naive to see this, expect more bad services at a very high price and don’t complain.

  5. Don’t you envy Safaricom, they pull a product off the shelf and upset a whole industry? I would love to own such a business

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