Safaricom reduces data bundle prices, modem users gain

safaricom reduces data prices

Safaricom has through a full page newspaper advert on the dailies advertised its new reduced pricing for data. This is broken into four data plans, these being modem light users, modem heavy users, modem and phone users and lastly the daily bundles for phone users.

The first bundle is geared to modem users and it seems like an (unlimited?) plan where you either pay Kshs 1000 for a week or 3k a month, a drop from 4k a month in the weekly plan. If this is truly unlimited we will see a shift to more safaricom modem users.  More and more users are going for modems due to flexibilities, techies and writers who love working from anywhere dont miss modems. The unlimited plan, if its consistent is a huge bonus to this group.safaricom reduces data prices

The second bundle, is more flexible from a small package user(50mb) to a huge (8gb) bundle purchaser is also reduced.safaricom data plans

The 2 bob per minute remains the same, and Bob the saturday night free data on the 2/= tarriff was a good way to chill out late at night, please get it back. I dont see much change on the daily mobile phone bundles save for the fact that the out of bundles price is 4 bob per mb.

To Activate the bundles;

Send an SMS from your Safaricom mobile number with the price of the bundle to code 450. For example, to purchase a bundle of 400MB, send 499 to 450

You will receive an SMS informing you of the status of activation of the bundle. You will be able to use the service once you receive an SMS informing you that the bundle has been activated

Weekly Bundles

a)     Get a weekly bundle purchase valid for seven (7) days at KES 1,000/-

b)    To activate, send an SMS with the price to code 450. In this case, send 1000 to 450

c)     You will be able to access mobile internet services for a period of seven (7) days

Monthly Bundles

a)     Get a monthly bundle valid for thirty (30) days at 3,000/-

b)    To activate, send an SMS with the price to code 450. In this case, send 3000 to 450.

c)     You will be able to access mobile internet services for a period of thirty (30) days

Get more info on the same here.

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  1. Is there any difference in speeds for the different bundle pricing options? Remember there was the in bundle speeds sometime and the out of bundles speeds, and is the unlimited plan fully 3g?

    • Looks like the unlimited plan, according to many i have seen talk about it is 128kbps, I knew there had to be a catch with this unlimited. Was wondering why they would sell 8GB bundles yet there is an unlimited plan. [unlimited for light users and bundles for heavy users sold it away already]

  2. I like the other data  bundle plans but when come to unlimited..baaaaad. I have seen some people saying that you don’t need more than 128kbps, really. The people who go for unlimited data plan are heavy users, they are not the kind who buy 100mb and stay with it  for a whole month. These are people you can’t specifically say they will use how much in a day. Uploading and downloading of files and videos, watching the online videos, calling online(skype, gtalk), Those are things you can not do with 128kbps internet. Remember i have never seen an internet company which deliver the exactly promised capacity. I bet if you use the unlimited option it will not go past 30Kbps..

    • yap u are write safaricom never gives anyting 4 free. that why orange always beats them … atleast they should have left 1000ksh at fullspeed than 128kbs

  3. 128Kbps for Ksh 3000 a month? That’s bull if I ever had any.
    Honestly, I’d rather go with Zuku Fibre 8Mbps any day, ceteris paribus.

    So what’s the speeds on Orange USB Modems?

    I feel that it’s high time Safaricom started specifying their 3G HSDPA/HSUPA Speeds, because I’ve seen Huawei USB Modems that can provide HSDPA at 21Mbps and a number high-end smartphones that can do HSDPA at upto 14.4Mbps and even 21Mbps but the question remains, is that the speed really being offered by Safaricom?

    And since call and SMS prices are constantly dropping, data remains the one place that all these Carriers truly vary.They should clearly define to the public their actual 3G speeds and stop feeding us theoretical nonsense. Putting an effort to increase their HDSPA/HSUPA capacities and stability would also be in order.
    And I wonder when one of those networks or another carrier altogether will start implementing LTE/4G services with truthful speeds, even if it would be for data exclusively, say only on special
    USB modems-it would definitely give them an edge.

    • It’s true, technically there’s no such thing as 3G+, the Orange modem runs on the EVDO network and my take is from a branding perspective, they opted for a name that people would be able to identify with easily, hence 3G+ as opposed to EVDO. With EVDO you can get up to 3.1Mb/s, with emphasis on “up to”.

      I have managed to get speeds over 300Kbps for sustained periods but they vary depending on what content you’re downloading, uploading, streaming, etc, as well as the time when you do it. you tend to get better speeds late at night into early morning, moreso during weekends, basically when there are less people using the service.

  4. Safaricom is taking people for granted! If they are offering unlimited internet at 3k per mth…… had better be unlimited for real…! Otherwise…they are joking! 128kbps isn’t unlimited…. it’s taking customers for a ride. The least they should have done is 1Mbps on that….

  5. Looking at the recently released Safaricom data bundle rates for unlimited internet; browsing speed 128kbps, 3G has no impact whatsoever;
    Am going to stick with Orange. Airtels 3G signal is now appearing on my
    cell phone in Nairobi just waiting to see their unlimited 3G offer  

  6.  let say am not in in kampala yet i want to use safaricom internet with unlimited package. is it possible

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