LG’s New Hi-Fi Music Service is Targeted at Users of its Premium Devices


LG is introducing a new music service that will deliver 24bit/192kHz playback sound to all users of its high end smartphones as it seeks to provide more value additions to those purchasing and using its premium devices.


Expected to debut later this month, the new Hi-Fi music service will be available in at least 70 countries around the world through the LG SmartWorld application on the LG G2, G3, G4 and G Flex 2 smartphones and at lgworld.com.

Users will be allowed up to two free Hi-Fi track downloads per month with other songs being available at a discount which can be up to half the regular price.

For the audiophiles (obviously not the sort envisioned here), such a move will be highly appreciated as the struggle with just about any other smartphone is not accessing high fidelity music, almost anyone can do that, but being able to play it at the same bit rate without compromising on the high quality. LG’s smartphones starting with the G2 back in 2013 have had the distinction of being able to do this and the company is simply tapping into what it has been doing so well. Outside of LG’s smartphones you can only look to Sony’s Walkman-branded devices for the same audio quality playback.