Android Experiments Displays Creativity And The Endless Possibilities On Android


android-experiments 1

I love Android. Why? Because it was created as an open and flexible platform fostering the spirit of invention which has allowed developers to push the boundaries of mobile development. This has made Android the go-to platform for creative projects across devices( phones, tablets, watches). Google , having become a subsidiary to new company Alphabet, has renewed focus on its core business, that is Android, Search and YouTube. Following this, it has launched Android Experiment, a counterpart to Chrome Experiments which was launched in 2009.

Android Experiments is a site that showcases inspiring and innovative projects on the Android platform and is open to all developers to submit their own experiments to the gallery. Requirements for developers submitting projects is that they have to work on Android 4.4(KitKat) or higher and the developer must own or have a license to use the projects. Not all submissions make it to the gallery, but those that do are available for download on the Google Play Store.

I downloaded a couple of them that caught my attention and they are quite awesome

1. Boo!

This must be the funniest one of the lot. Cute little creatures crowd your screen but as soon as they see you, they run a way. The application makes use of the front-facing camera on the device, where a face detection algorithm determines if the creatures are being watched. One can spend so much time on the app trying to sneak up on the creatures. Would it not be awesome to have this as a lock screen? Hopefully in the future. Download it here and have a bit of a laugh.

boo final 2

2. Inkspace

This is an experimental drawing tool which uses the accelerator on your Android device to move drawings you make in 3D. Drawings move as you tilt your phone in different directions showing you different angles of your drawing. You can record your drawing and share it with others as a GIF. Get creative, download here.

ink final

3. Kintusukuroi

According to the definition found in the game, Kintusukuroi is the Japanese art of fixing broken ceramics with lacquer mixed with precious metals. The developer writes that the imagery of piecing together these broken pieces stuck with her and therefore arrived at the idea of making it into a calming 3D game. It is beautifully made and offers a form of relaxation and focus especially when you are anxious about something. I love puzzle games and I have added Kintusukuroi into my collection. Try in out now.

kint final

Those are just 3 of the 20 awesome applications on display on the Android Experiments gallery. Take a look at the complete list and identify ones that get you excited. If you are a developer, submit your creative projects, or gather inspiration from the existing ones and create something awesome!

Here is a quick video of the apps on display.