Another 8,000 Jeeps recalled for Software Patching Owing Hacking Experiment


jeepIn July, two cyber security researchers from the United States were able to hack into a car using the infotainment system.  To carry out the attacks, the hackers sent data via the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio signal, they were then able to turn off the car’s engine when it was being driven. The hackers used a system in the vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, called Uconnect by sending data to the car’s internet-connected entertainment and navigation system  through a mobile phone network.

The two, then rewrote the code embedded in the car’s infotainment system hardware, and then went on to issue commands for steering, braking and engine control.  They were also able to control the car’s air conditioning , radio and windscreen wipers. Jeep has since released a software update to deal with the vulnerabilities.

Following the reports, Jeep released a software update to deal with the vulnerabilities. Fiat Chrysler, the parent company of Jeep recalled 1.4 Million vehicles to install software to prevent hackers from gaining remote control of the engine, steering and other systems. Some of the owners of the Jeeps also filed a class-action suit against Fiat Chrysler following the reports.

Jeep is now recalling a further 8,000 cars owing to the hacking experiment. The recall also includes 2015 models of its various cars.  The recall is meant to install a new software patch which will prevent these new models from hacking and remote manipulation. The measures also involve blocking remote access to certain vehicle systems.