Facebook Video Exposes Speeding Driver, Leads to Arrest



Facebook has been keen on growing its video strategy of becoming a comprehensive video management system taking on YouTube while at the same time increasing the time taken by users on its site. In Q1 of 2015, YouTube recorded 756 billion views while Facebook recorded 315 billion views.

Scrolling through your Facebook NewsFeed lately, one is bound to come across several videos of sometimes funny and goofy stuff and mind blowing stuff on a good day. Police officers in Madrid were out scrolling through their Feed when they came across a 24 seconds video of a man clocking 184 kilometers per hour. The authorities have since moved in and arrested the fellow for over speeding.

According to Police, the video begins with the man showing the speedometer of the car, he then pans to the co-driver and to two passengers seated behind. The police then closely analyzed the video and images before deciphering the highway used by the individuals, which has a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour.  The police then tracked down the vehicle and the driver before detaining him. One of the passengers was fined for not wearing a seat belt.  The driver is likely to face charges of posing a danger to the road safety of others due to excessive speed.

So much for show off and Facebook videos aye?