Lenovo Looks Set to Unveil its First Motorola-Designed Smartphone, ‘Lemon X’



Lenovo’s Mobile Business Group registered a loss in the latest financials it reported for Q2 2015 and saw its market share decline from 5.2% to 4.7% despite having increased shipments by 2.3%. As a result, some changes were going to be effected so as to return to profitability and maintain its place among the top 5 smartphone vendors on the planet. One of the decisions arrived at included restructuring the Mobile Business Group in order to streamline operations. As a result, all smartphone design and manufacturing-related activities were to be overseen by Motorola.

Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google early last year and completed the transaction before the end of 2014. While Motorola is yet to start making money for its new Chinese overlords, its exquisite smartphone design and approach to the smartphone market is to be envied. Not only are its smartphones sleek and good-looking, they are also well-priced and appeal to both the power user and the budget-conscious buyer. Since Motorola now belongs to Lenovo, it makes sense to fold one mobile unit into the other so as to have a single concentrated effort instead of two separate entities doing the same thing despite each having its own unique strengths in various markets.

We may see that Motorola influence on Lenovo phones sooner than we expected. If the leaked photo below is anything to go by, the first Lenovo phone produced under the new arrangement while retaining the Chinese company’s branding could be what is currently being referred to as the Lenovo ‘Lime X’.

The photo of the Lenovo device that closely resembles the most recent smartphones from Motorola, first posted on Twitter by serial Malaysian device leaker @upleaks has since been pulled down and there’s no further information on it. We guess we will be hearing a lot more about it going forward.