Skype Translator now supports 50 languages, even Star Trek’s fictional language Klingon



Skype is a widely used messaging app that is used as an instant messenger,a VoIP platform where you can call someone to a landline or directly to another Skype user and its most widely known functionality: Video chats. It has over 300 million active users and the need to break down language barriers was the purpose of developing this app. They started rolling the beta version a while back and now they are rolling it out to everyone

Skype announced that they are now rolling out Skype Translator to everyone where they have introduced 6 voice languages  (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and German) as  well as add 50 messaging languages that includes the fictitious Klingon from the Star Trek movie franchise

This specific update is being pushed to the desktop app over the next couple of weeks. Watch out for the Skype Translator icons highlighted by the red box which indicates that you can now use it. When you are chatting with someone , the appropriate translation appears at the bottom of the chat bubble so that the other party can be able to understand.Skype says that the Translator gets better the more it is used and they were able to broaden its capabilities even more by the previous beta release.

The company has been hard at work to make the Skype experience better in the last couple of weeks. They introduced support for the Android Wear platform and also introduced Mojis, which are custom GIFs that were developed in house that are aimed to improve the messaging experience.

You can now go on and update your Skype for desktop to experience the new changes and finally be able to chat with someone that you don’t share a common tongue.