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Skype flaw is a vulnerbility exposing IP addresses to hackers

Beware! Skype Flaw Might Leak Your IP to Hackers

A security researcher has discovered a skype flaw that enables hackers to grab IP addresses. Alarmingly, it does not matter where the IP address...

Google Meet versus Messenger Rooms: Which is a Better Video Conferencing Solution?

Video calling or conferencing apps have been making a killing since the start of the year. The popularity of these apps can mainly be...

Skype Intros Free Meet Now Video Calls That Don’t Require Sign-up or Installation

Not wanting to be forgotten now that more people are using Zoom for videoconferencing while working from home to minimise the spread of COVID-19,...
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Kenya’s Judiciary is using Email and Videochat to Deliver Pending Judgements and Rulings

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals and institutions alike to use online platforms to do their work. This includes branches of government and one...
skype preview desktop

Skype is Beta Testing Their New User Interface on Desktop

Skype is targeting millennials with this new update for PCs

Skype Joins List of Apps Copying Snapchat With New Redesign

Skype is trying to appeal to millennials with a radical user interface change

Microsoft Borrows A Leaf From Facebook By Launching Skype Lite In India

Skype Lite is the new app from Microsoft aimed for the Indian market

Google Duo: Making Video Calls on Mobile Simple

Knock! Knock! Who's there?
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Skype will no longer Support Windows Phone 8 or Older Versions of Android

  In what is now a trend among most Apps, Skype is set to drop support for Windows Phone 8 or older versions of Android as...

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure for SMEs: Made for Each Other

Value additions for small businesses.

Skype introduced a Bot Platform, late of course

Automated bots are the new in-thing on messaging apps. We've used them on Telegram and Slack and they are starting to be used on...
skype integration in slack

Skype and Slack have made a welcome partnership

Slack, the messaging platform that is designed to help people in an organization communicate better and it is valued at around $2.6 billion. It...
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Skype is celebrating 10 years of video calling so it has offered users another free service

Skype has always been synonymous with video calling over the internet. If you want to make a video call, the first thing that comes...
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Bangladesh has blocked Twitter, Skype and others just after unblocking Facebook

You may be inclined to think that since social media has allowed  for faster global information transfer and experiencing new cultures but some governments...
Windows 10 November Update

Microsoft’s First Major OS Update Is Here: Windows 10 November Update

The launch of Windows 10 by Microsoft on Jul 29th 2015, initiated a huge shift in the development and deployment of its pervasive operating...
Skype for Websites

Skype Now Has a Share Button for Websites

The share button is one of the most important aspects in the social media landscape in that it has made it easier for people...

Skype now has Video Message Filters and 3D Touch Support

Skype has been updating its user experience for a while now in a bid to make its users more engaged in the platform. They...

Skype Translator now supports 50 languages, even Star Trek’s fictional language Klingon

Skype is a widely used messaging app that is used as an instant messenger,a VoIP platform where you can call someone to a landline or...

Microsoft to Abandon Modern Skype App in Favour of Desktop Equivalent

Those of you who have been loyal to Microsoft's quest to "modernize" Windows for the last few years since the introduction of Windows 8...

The Case for Telegram Messenger: Why Don’t We Use It?

Last time the folks behind Telegram released their figures, which was at least two weeks ago, they were impressive. 62 million monthly active users...

Skype Translator Now Available For All Users To Download

Skype has been working on a new feature called the Skype Translator that serves to break all language barriers  where a user can chat...

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes preloaded with several Microsoft apps

Have you see those images of the Galaxy S6 on the preview stands at MWC? There's a conspicuous "Microsoft Apps" folder on the demo...

Microsoft Lumia 535 Full Review: The New Standard for Affordable Smartphones

Though all the glamour of smartphone interest is primarily directed to the gleaming high end devices, it is increasingly clear that the market segment...
Skype for Business

Skype For Business Introduced, To Replace Microsoft Lync

Microsoft is making big strides in the productivity department as they assert their position as global leaders in productivity. This guided new developments in...

Microsoft to Rebrand Bing Apps back to MSN, while Kenya’s MSN Page Goes Missing

In an effort to align Bing services to the “Mobile First, Cloud First” vision, Microsoft will soon re-brand  its cross platform Bing Apps back...
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What does Viber Out on Windows Phone Mean for Skype?

Over The Top companies like Skype, Whatsapp and Viber are one of the biggest threats to traditional telcos and players in the mobile telephony...

The Gambia Declares Skype and other VOIP Services Illegal

The Gambian government has declared Skype, Viber and online dating services to be illegal. PURA (Public Utilities Regulatory Authority), the country's telecommunication watchdog, has...

Out goes Windows Live, Microsoft taking Skype Mainstream?

Rumor has it that Microsoft might be shutting down windows live messenger in support for Skype. Microsoft acquired Skype for approx $8.5 billion and...

Facebook Unveils Video Calls with Skype, Group Chat

This is what Facebook C.E.O Mr. Zuckerberg calls “Awesome things”. Facebook unveiled Video chat with Skype on Wednesday. More over on that it will...
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Could this be the end of FREE Calls on Skype?

Could this be the end of FREE Calls on Skype? Skype has been a huge part of our life when it comes to...

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