Out goes Windows Live, Microsoft taking Skype Mainstream?


Rumor has it that Microsoft might be shutting down windows live messenger in support for Skype. Microsoft acquired Skype for approx $8.5 billion and this move to kill Windows live appears to have been influenced by this purchase.It seems this is one of the many IMs that shall be shut down so that Microsoft can prop up Skype.
Windows Live Messenger goes to rustication in the next few months with some of its features being incorporated into Skype. The official announcement shall come later on this week. Efforts to revolute users into Skype were evident in the recent release of Skype 6.0 for OS X and Windows since  Skype 6.0 allows users to log in using their Windows Live IDs.
We are not surprised at Techweez by this move and we have seen it long coming. We are all ears to keep you posted on any development regarding this story.

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