The Gambia Declares Skype and other VOIP Services Illegal



The Gambian government has declared Skype, Viber and online dating services to be illegal. PURA (Public Utilities Regulatory Authority), the country’s telecommunication watchdog, has warned the public about using VOIP services in the country. The agency has vowed to shutdown individuals and companies offering VOIP and dating services in The Gambia. The agency issued a statement saying, “PURA wishes to make it abundantly clear that the offering of ‘International and National Calling Services’ within Internet cafes using VoIP services (Viber, Skype, etc) is strictly prohibited.”

According to PURA, Voice over Internet Protocol offerings deprive the country of revenue from International and National calls. Telecommunications operators in the country include Gamtel, Africel and Comium. PURA urged the public to report incidences of VOIP and dating services being offered in cyber-cafes in order to protect national interests.