Microsoft to Abandon Modern Skype App in Favour of Desktop Equivalent


Skype desktop app

Those of you who have been loyal to Microsoft’s quest to “modernize” Windows for the last few years since the introduction of Windows 8 are well aware of the approach Microsoft took regarding applications. It made the huge shift to what it called “modern apps.” One of the iconic Modern applications has been the Skype one. The app grew to become Windows 8.1’s new default messaging client. As Microsoft gets ready to start seeding Windows 10 to hundreds of millions all around the world, it saw it not fit to present an application that conflicts with its plans i.e. not suitable for both touch and mouse and keyboard.

The desktop version of Skype, just like Windows 10 itself, is suitable for the mouse and keyboard as well as touch hence no need to keep the Modern Skype app that just replicates the same but favouring touch devices.

Starting July 7th, Microsoft will stop supporting the Modern Skype app and users of the application will be alerted to install the desktop app instead.

These changes don’t affect users of Windows RT devices though.