Microsoft Borrows A Leaf From Facebook By Launching Skype Lite In India


Software companies like Facebook for example have realized the need to have a lighter version of their apps that are targeted for specific markets. This is due to the fact that not everyone will use every feature that is bundled with the app and there is a need to strip down the existing app to the bare essentials.

It seems Microsoft is taking the same approach taken by Facebook by announcing Skype Lite. The new app built for India targets the demographic that have low data usage and run older Android phones which is the same thing Facebook target with their Lite apps.

According to Microsoft, Skype lite is optimized for 2G and unstable network connections which is a common occurrence on developing countries. The app apparently is “battery friendly” and will run smoothly on new as well as old Android phones. It also features a data saving mode for video calls and you will be able to see how much data you’re using from one tap.

Since this was built for India, Skype lite features Skype bots built especially for India and will be available in several Indian languages (Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu and Urdu).

This is a positive move by Microsoft as they seek to target populations like India with this app and probably might roll it to other developing nations in the future. Facebook has Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite and it could mean this is just the starting point for developers to come up with Lite versions for their apps.