Skype now has Video Message Filters and 3D Touch Support



Skype has been updating its user experience for a while now in a bid to make its users more engaged in the platform. They started by introducing Mojis which are GIFs that were created in-house, addedsupport for 50 languages in Translator which includes translation for local languages like Kiswahili. Now, Microsoft has shifted focus to the one thing that Skype is  known for: Video messages.

Filters have become part of pop culture thanks to Instagram and Snapchat and Skype doesn’t want to be left behind by introducing filters for video. It is easy to set this new feature where you need to tap the filter button that is located at the bottom left. This would bring floating filters like the balloon one that is shown above that reminds you of the Lens feature on Snapchat and the ones being tested by Twitter.

That is not the only update that has been rolled out for Skype. Skype now supports 3D touch functions (Peek and Pop) which were introduced by the latest generation of iPhones. When you force touch on the Skype icon, you will get options like starting a new chat, searching around Skype and accessing the dialpad. When you force touch lightly on a conversation while on the app, you can be able to “peek” on messages or live video. A harder press will make the conversation appear at the forefront (a Pop) which now allows you to view the conversation fully. This is also applicable when someone shares a link, their location or a photo.

Skype also has paid attention from feedback about issues that were plaguing iOS users which are the ability to hide and delete chats as well as share contacts. The new update now adds that functionality where you can hide and delete chats by swiping and tapping “edit” and tapping the contact in a conversation so as to share it.