Twitter Wants to Counter Snapchat’s Growth, by Being Snapchat



During the MTV Video Music Awards, an odd occurrence was noted: Taylor Swift was uploading photos with stickers overlay that we have seen on Snapchat. Here are some of those photos:

Version 1: One that has the Bad Blood sticker (Bad Blood is her latest song)

Version 2: A sticker that looks like a band aid/ elastoplast but it features Taylor Swift and some models.

Version 3: The MTV’s Moonman figurine sticker

Another celebrity that also used the Moonman figurine sticker overlay was Big Sean (rapper)

The images posted drew interest from their fans and specifically from Taylor who has almost 63 million followers, those pictures were retweeted in their tens of thousands.

An ongoing major tennis tournament, the US Open also has been spotted using unique overlays, but they are not as flashy as the VMA ones. The official US Open twitter account seems to have been given access by Twitter to use a specific overlay that has the Twitter logo and the hashtag #usopen. This is Twitter’s strategy to make fans of the sports tournament check the latest updates only on Twitter and nowhere else.

Lara Cohen, Twitter’s Director of Entertainment Talent according to her LinkedIn profile hinted that they are actual photo tools from Twitter judging from these series of tweets:

It seems Twitter is testing this new feature with celebrities so as to judge the overall sentiment from it. Judging from the overall response from it, it seems they might go ahead with it and roll it to users worldwide. Instagram made filters cool and Twitter decided to integrate them in their apps in 2012 although you don’t see people using it that much and it we will have to see if people will warm to the idea of using stickers on Twitter if they roll out to the rest of us.

Source: Techcrunch